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Number one star-magnet on GitHub once again

Source 16-01-18 ~2 minutes read · 398 words

With 40,000 new stars, the frontend library Vue got the most new stars on GitHub among the world´s javascript frameworks in 2017. At the same time, Vue managed to enhance it growth in 2016, where the library also came in first due to an increase of 26,400 stars.

The two year long rocket-trip to the sky is documented in the new edition of the «2017 JavaScript Rising Stars»-report, which has compiled all the latest 2017 trends in the javascript world.

According to the report React has gained 27,800 new stars in 2017. This reflects in a second place on the list, which happens to be the same position that React held in 2016.

Both achievements confirms, front end libraries continues to attract the most attention within javascript.

Vue support grows like React and Angular combined

The third major front end library, Angular, doesn´t contribute to the front end domination to the same degree. The Google Developed Framework got 12,200 new stars in 2017, which only qualifies for a 18th place in the list.

The lower growth for Angular is the main reason why Vue - also called vue.js or VueJS - now experiences the same increase in GitHub support as React and Angular put together.

However, the significant star growth was not enough to push React down the frontend throne in 2017. The Facebook-based library is still the most popular of its kind having gathered a total of 86,000 stars, while Vue comes in as number two with 80,000.

The supremacy of Vue and React is further emphasized by the fact, that their respective ecosystems - ie. associated libraries - has got their own inventory in the report. Here again, React is the king with 15 associated js libraries, while Vue musters 10. A common feature to the associated libraries is, that they have been subjects to an even greater increase in popularity than their «mothers».

Axios and VS Code take a big leap forward

Js-libraries outside the strict frontend development have also experienced a significant number of new stars from GitHub members in 2017.

  • Axios, http-client, + 21,900.
  • VS Code, IDE, + 20,200.
  • Bootstrap, CSS, + 14,500.
  • Node.js, server-side javascript, 13,700.
  • Next.js, React-based static site generator, + 12,700.
  • TypeScript, javascript transpiler with types, + 11,600.
  • Gatsby, static site generator based on React, + 9,700.
  • Nuxt, Vue-based static site generator, + 6,300.
  • Hexo, static site generator, + 6,200.